Janathon Days 13 and 14

I’m not really keeping up with the daily blogging, am i?! Anyway, the exercise is still happening which, I guess, is the main thing.

It’s been a couple of days of Wild Training for me at Charlie Ede’s Amersham classes. We’re in the Complex Training phase, using resistance bands in the modes of squatting, lunging, rowing and chest pressing, not forgetting abs moves as well. It’s an hour of pushing myself and having fun. That sounds like a good Janathon activity to me!

I’ll be back on the rowing tonight, hoping to beat my latest time. Wish me luck!

Have fun!


Janathon Day 12

Today was a day of early start (yeah, OK, what’s new there?), more walking at train stations, sitting down most of the day and then the best bit at home: a new PB of 90kg for x3 reps on the bench press. The rowing will resume tomorrow.

I’ve mentioned Janathon to people at work and they hadn’t heard of it but seemed genuinely interested, which is nice. Maybe we’ll see more posts from new people soon…

Hope you’re looking forward to Day 13.


Janathon Days 4 to 11

I’ve been doing all sorts of training these past days but have been too busy to post about it. It’s been rowing, weights, PTs with Tim and Darrell, Wild Training and country walks, not to mention miles of walking on the underground. All good, I think!
So, I was hugely pleased to break my previous rowing time for the 5k with this result:


Then, today, I had a quick blast after a day of gardening and walking in the Chilterns (highly recommended, by the way!), and couldn’t believe my luck when this happened:


The only difference was that I used my legs much more and perhaps engaged my back a bit more, relying a little less on my arms.
I’m loving this business of beating PBs in rowing and I’m trying to remain focused on keeping moving in the same direction: time down.
Let’s see what the next days bring. It’s back to work tomorrow, so the tiring days will be back. That doesn’t bode well..
All good fun, though. I hope you’re all loving your Janathons.


Janathon Day 3: Wages Day

Boom, smash and wallop! Today was the day! It was pay day.


It turns out that Deacon Blue at full volume made a huge difference. The trick was to stay no slower than 27 spm and then gun it for the final 500m. I doubt this will be a readily repeatable result but time will tell. I’m delighted to have reached what I found to be a hard goal by day 3. I hope I’m now able to push the boundary and aim for a better goal, but first I’ll see if this result is sustainable for me.

Last night’s BTB class with Darrell Lowe was extra hard: four rounds of 4 min 30 sec sessions on biceps, triceps, back and shoulders, using the 30-30-30 sec routine of fast, hold, slow movements. Awful! Truly awful! You must try it. You’ll love it.


It’s Wild Training at 10:00 so I’d better get my skates on.


Have a lovely Saturday, everyone. Stay dry and have fun..


Janathon Day 2

I had a break from the rowing today because it was the day of my first 2015 PT session with Tim Hodson and Darrell Lowe today. We smashed some strength training on bench press, squats and abs this morning. Boom! ┬áHere’s a snap of me doing 30 warm-up squat reps before we hit the 12, 10, 8 and 6 rep sets with progressively heavier weights. The warm-up set was with 40kg, so that’s 1,200kg of total mass-volume shifted (I think I’ve just created a new noun right there!).

2015-01-02 08.03.55

I’ll be at Darrell’s BTB (Barbell Training at its Best) class in Hazelmere tonight, where we’ll be put through our paces for the muscle class….don’t ask!

See you tomorrow on the virtual river, when I’ll be back on the rower in another attempt to shave off some of those 16.5 seconds to move me nearer my 20-minute goal for 5km. I’ll be at the Saturday morning Wild Training class too, which will be a kettlebell hour in the sun, hopefully (that’s hoping for sun, not balls of steel).

Have fun!


Janathon, Day 1

OK, so first I’d like to wish all you fellow Janathoners a very happy new year and much fitness in 2015!

My Day 1 goal was to row 5,000m on the Concept 2 at level 10 within 20 minutes. I made 20:16.5. How great would it have been if I’d been 1.5 seconds faster (20:15)!

Now I need to figure out how to shave those pesky 16.5 seconds off my time over the 20-minute pull. I’ve worked out, from previous experience, that a steady start pays off later on, allowing continued gusto without packing up too soon.

Music makes a big difference when I’m exercising. I tried an 80s compilation today, with some high-paced tracks. Let me think about my musical accompaniment for my second attempt. It sure as hell won’t be ‘Row, row, row your boat…’

Tomorrow, I’ll be smashing a PT session with Darrell Lowe and Tim Hodson, so that’ll be my Day 2 offering for Janathon. I’ll hit the rower again on Saturday. Wish me luck! 16.5 seconds depend on it!

Happy Janathoning, everyone!